Please note that all manuscripts submitted for production are expected to be well organized and include all necessary sources and permissions (when applicable) as described below.

1. Please submit your manuscript in Word format separated by chapters. Front matter (ToC, Preface, Foreword, Acknowledgments, Dedication, etc.) should be submitted as one single file.

2. Be sure each file is correctly labeled by chapter number.

3. Submit manuscript in 12-point Times New Roman font. Each file should be double-spaced. If your volume includes any special characters (diacritics, Chinese, etc.) please note that with submission.

4. All tables and figures should be submitted in individual files and saved at a minimum 300 dpi. 

5. Submit photographs as JPGs (preferred) or TIFs, saved at a minimum 300 dpi.

6. Any images/graphics should be called out in text (See Figure 3.5) and a placeholder should be inserted where you’d like the image to appear. [INSERT FIGURE 3.5 HERE]. Images will not be set in the middle of paragraphs. Please note: callouts should not appear more than approximately one page before the actual image.

7. Indicate if you have followed a specific style guide (e.g., CMS or APA). Indicate if there is anything in particular you want the copyeditor to make note of. For example, is there a particular spelling or atypical case structure used in your discipline that we should be aware of?

8. Ensure all in-text citations have corresponding full source references or notes.

9. It is the author’s responsibility to secure in writing all permissions needed for reprinted material and images. Please include written permissions with your manuscript. Include a log of any third-party material used with the signed permissions. We cannot begin work on your project if any permissions are outstanding.

10. Submit only final files. Do not send files that include track changes showing, queries, review notes, and so on. 

11. Please note indexes (when applicable) are compiled after typesetting. It’s OK to send key words/names/phrases for the indexer, but do not submit a completed index, as it’s impossible to put one together until composition is complete.

12. Please place all project files in a single zip folder for submission.